Stables Family

Linton Stables and Katherine Gray Stables

The Stables Family is everyone who is related to Linton D. Stables, Sr., Florence Kersey Stables, and Katherine Gray Stables.

Pictured in the headers on this website are Linton D. Stables, Sr., and Katherine Gray Stables, taken in Spring 1968 in the doorway of their home on US Route 1 outside of South Hill, Virginia.

Stables Family History


We have started a history page (soon to be multiple pages) but we don't have very much content. If you provide it, we will format it and publish it here. It would be great to have all the information in one place! Also, if you or someone you know has done a family tree or has a timeline of family events (even if it is just your immediate family) send it in and we will include it and make all the connections.


Did you know that some have traced the Stables family back to 1513? That means that our family has nearly 500 years of history!

Here is the start of our History section.

We have a few pictures, too. See a photo album of past Stables Family reunions.


Send history updates to Linton Stables.