Stables Family

Linton Stables and Katherine Gray Stables

Stables on Bikes! Again!


Several members of the Stables family will be going on an unstructured bike ride the weekend of September 25, 2011, in the New Paltz-Poughkeepsie area of New York .


You may remember that Bob Stables, Leslie and Mitchell Ostrover, Linton Stables and Greg Brown, and Ariane Nick went on an organized ride last year in Boston. When this year's ride is complete we'll post some photographs. They should be pretty spectacular since the group will ride along bike trails previously used for railroads through the beautiful Hudson River Valley, north of West Point.

At the Start Line of Boston Hob-on-Wheels: Linton Stables, Mitchell Ostrover, Leslie Ostrover, Bob Stables, Ariane Nick, and Greg Brown.

There are more pictures, including one out of the Boston Globe in which the Stables group is featured!

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